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Faculty Summer Research Fellowship

Deadline: November 1, 2019
Sample Applications

The Taft Summer Research Fellowship provides $8,000 in faculty pay for sustained research activity on a specific project, during any semester of leave or any non-teaching semester that is otherwise without pay. Applicants may apply for up to $1,500 in supplemental funds for research expenses.

Grantees are encouraged to use this opportunity to seek external funding for their research.

25% of awards are set aside for untenured junior faculty in tenure-track positions, who have never been awarded and/or used a Taft Research grant. The remaining awards are open to all faculty, regardless of rank.


Applications must be submitted in a timely fashion, allowing the reviewer to submit a support letter prior to the close of the deadline at 5 PM on the posted day. If not submitted by the close of the deadline, a support letter may not be considered by the committee. A complete applicant must include the follows:
  • A narrative (1200 word maximum) outlining the project, including but not limited to the follow:
    • Focus,
    • Theoretical framework,
    • Methods and sources,
    • Preliminary results,
    • Contributions to the applicant's field and the applicant's professional development.
  • If research supplement is requested, a brief budget outline with explanation of costs; and
  • Abbreviated (two-page) curriculum vitae; and
  • A letter of support from the applicant's supervisor (typically department head), assessing the merits of the proposed project and the prospects for completion within the applicant’s proposed research schedule, submitted independently of the applicant. Once the applicant submits their proposal, a prompt will be sent to the applicant’s supervisor. Following the prompt in the notice email, the letters of support may be uploaded to the electronic system. Letters of support will be treated confidentially. Letters must be uploaded to the system prior to 5 PM on the day of the published deadline.

criteria for selection

  • The quality of the specific research project and proposal is given the highest priority; and
  • Evidence that the applicant will successfully complete the project in the time frame proposed along with the applicant's scholarly promise and achievements to date; and
  • Evidence of the applicant's willingness to seek non-Taft research and/or travel funding for this research project.