Publication Costs

NOTE:  In addition to submission through the electronic system, please also submit your application to Taft via email, to

Applications are considered on a rolling, first-come, first-serve basis, and awarded subject to the availability of funds. Grants may cover up to $1,500 for a given publication. Applicants can request subsidies for indexing, translations, copyediting, the preparation of photos, images, illustrations and maps, and accompanying copyright. The fund will also consider subsidies to presses to translate into a second language the scholarly or creative publications of the faculty of Taft departments. This fund cannot be used to cover either publication fees for open access journals or fees associated with open access release of articles published in regular (non-open access) journals.

If you do not hear from Taft within two weeks of submission, please send a status inquiry to Taft by email. 

procedures for publication costs

The request to cover publication costs must include the following:

  • A completed cover sheet;
  • A narrative concerning the nature and significance of the work (400 word limit);
  • Proof that the work has been accepted for publication by a press and substantiation of costs to be covered by the author (as stipulated by the contract);
  • An itemized budget (indexing, photos, illustrations, copyrights), with proof (invoice) of costs;
  • Two page curriculum vitae.

**Note: The Text and Academic Authors Association (TAA) offers grants for up to $1,000 for members (only $250 for nonmembers), and the fee to join is fairly small. For more information, click here.

The committee will take timely action on requests that have followed the procedures outlined above. The committee will also consider the quality of the scholarship or creative work the manuscript contains and the reputation for quality of the proposed publisher.

For detailed instructions on submitting your application, please click Application Instructions.

For instructions on how to create a PDF, please click: How to Create a PDF. Note: the system only allows you to upload a single PDF document.

Payments are made in US dollars only. When payments are made for works to be published by foreign publishers, fluctuations in the value of the US dollar are not to be considered and such changes become the responsibility of the author or the publisher. The terms of the grant include acknowledge support of the Charles Phelps Taft Research Center, University of Cincinnati.