Faculty International Conference Travel Grant

International Conference Travel grants are available for faculty presenting their own research or creative works, including posters, at established academic conferences outside the continental United States.

Grants cover airline ticket by the most economical carrier, ground transportation to and from conference hotel; per diem to include food and lodging (not to exceed $150 per day- see rate information below); and a conference registration fee. The maximum grant is $2,700 over any two successive fiscal years (July 1 - June 30), according to the year of award (not the year of travel).


Applications must be completed by 5 PM on regularly scheduled deadlines; this includes applicant electronic submission and departmental review. Applications for International Travel Grants must be received prior to travel, unless travel occurs between July 1 and the start of the fall semester at which point the application must be submitted in the fall, following travel. 


Faculty may present at more than one conference during the academic year and are encouraged to combine travel to multiple conferences, which are in close geographical proximity, when possible.


In addition to populating the electronic fields, a single pdf document must be uploaded to the system and must contain a completed cover sheet along with a copy of conference acceptance or invitation, and cost comparisons demonstrating fiscal responsibility for lodging and travel.

*NOTE: Support letters are not required for this program, only supervisor approval through the electronic system (as prompted by the system).


**NOTE: Award announcements are generally sent by email from within the electronic awards management system at Replies to these emails do not reach Taft.

In the case of limited funds, higher priority will be given to junior faculty in tenure-track positions. A lower priority to applications from previous recipients of Taft grants and Emeriti faculty that have remained active within the University community.

terms of the grant

  • Full disclosure of non-Taft funds received, both inside and outside the university, is required. The Taft grant may not duplicate other funds granted for the same purpose, except when a deficit in the project budget is anticipated even with such non-Taft funds. For example, Taft Travel Grants may supplement funds from non-Taft sources in cases where the necessary and reasonable costs exceed the established Taft limits.
  • All grant funds must be expended exclusively in furtherance of the grant and all expenditures of grant funds must comply with university policies relating to financial transactions, including the Code of Conduct and, as discussed in the Code of Conduct, the ethics laws of the state of Ohio which prohibit certain private financial interests in university matters. (University Rule 3361:10-17-03(D);
  • If there are any changes in plans from the originally approved application, the Taft grant recipient must notify the chair of the Taft Executive Board in writing and receive written approval for the changes. Failure to comply with this rule will nullify the grant and require return of the award.
  • Publications and creative work generated with the help of Taft grants should acknowledge the Charles Phelps Taft Memorial Fund. Copies of such publications should be sent to the chair of the Taft Executive Board.
  • Taft will not reimburse membership or organizational dues. Only the conference fee, airfare, ground transportation to and from conference hotel, and per diem (to include food and lodging, not to exceed $150 per day - see rate information below) are eligible for reimbursement.
  • As you will be required to present receipts to obtain payment, please be sure to obtain itemized receipts and proof of payment. If you are using an e-ticket for air travel, please request a receipt from the airline which clearly indicates the travel points and dates, and the fare. When in doubt, request a paper ticket.
  • Travel should not occur outside a 24-hour window prior to or following the conference. Travel outside this period needs to be authorized by the Taft Faculty Chair, prior to travel. If travel outside this period is approved, receipts should be submitted with a copy of travel costs for this period.
  • Approval for overnight and International travel must be submitted and approved prior to travel, via Concur.
  • Per university policies, Grant recipients must submit receipts and travel reimbursement through Concur, within 30 calendar days of the conclusion of the trip.

reimbursement procedures

  • Approval for overnight and international travel must be submitted and approved prior to travel, via Concur.
  • Per university policies, Grant recipients must submit receipts and travel reimbursement through Concur, within 30 calendar days of the conclusion of the trip
  • Per diem reimbursement is based on the federal rate for meals and incidental expenses (M&IE) and may be claimed without receipts, except for lodging, which requires an itemized receipt and proof of payment.
  • If the (M&IE) rate is below the maximum reimbursement rate for Taft ($150 per day), individuals may file for reimbursement of these expenses, up to the Taft daily maximum, with receipts.
  • Taft will not reimburse expenses for alcohol.
  • The total expenses claimed cannot be more than authorized, nor can line items be claimed that were not authorized.
  • All amounts listed should be in US dollars, and the exchange rate used should be indicated. Daily exchange rates can be found at a number of commercially available sites, including