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Partnering with private and public companies, community partners, program units, and faculty, TAFT collaborations provides agility and responsiveness to emergent programming.
Climate Change/ Cincinnati - Roebling bridge, red overlay, diagonally upper left to lower rightOrganized by Dr. Angela Potochnik, Director of the UC Center for Public Engagement with Science, and in partnership the Mercantile Library, Taft co-sponsored this three-part series focusing on climate change, how it affects Greater Cincinnati, and you. The series features local, regional, and national experts. The entire series sold out.





Understanding Climate Change
  • Brooke Crowley, Associate Professor of Geology and Anthropology, University of Cincinnati
  • Brenda Hunda, Cincinnati Museum Center
  • Carlie Trott, Assistant Professor of Social and Community Psychology, University of Cincinnati
Climate Change and Social Justice
Nancy Tuana, Professor of Philosophy and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Founding Director of the Rock Ethics Institute, Pennsylvania State University

Climate Change and Cincinnati Life
  • Nicole Gunderman, Director of Education, Gorman Heritage Farm
  • Oliver Kroner, Sustainability Coordinator, City of Cincinnati
  • Joseph Tomain, University of Cincinnati College of Law
Universities Studying Slavery banner, Cincinnati bridge and skyline with text: Oct. 9 - 12, UC and XUThe Universities Studying Slavery’s (USS) Fall 2019 Symposium, entitled “The Academy’s Original Sin.” A consortium of more than 50 member academic institutions in the U.S. and U.K., USS is dedicated to facilitating collaboration among colleges, universities, and disciplines to address issues dealing with race and inequality in modern American society.

The University of Cincinnati joined USS in 2018, and will co-host the symposium with Xavier University this fall, from Oct. 9-12. This year’s symposium will focus on the role of enslaved people and their relation to higher education.




Society for Women in Philosophy - logo in red and blueSociety for Women in Philosophy Is Universalism the Cause of Feminist Complicity in Imperialism
Serene J. Khader, Jay Newman Chair in Philosophy of Culture, Brooklyn College
3:30 PM, November 1
Taft Research Center