Graduate Summer Fellowship

Deadline: March 6th, 2020
Sample Applications

Graduate Summer Fellowships provide $3,000 in support for graduate students conducting focused research projects, supervised by a faculty mentor. Grants are expected to culminate in a presentation or journal submission. Taft will cover the cost of posters should students elect to present at the UC Graduate Poster Forum held each Spring.


Applicants are required to apply for and report available funding from other sources (e.g. home department or the Graduate Student Association) to the Taft Student Awards Committee.

Applications must be completed by 5 PM on regularly scheduled deadlines; this includes electronic submission through the Taft Research Center website and departmental review. 

In addition to populating the electronic fields, a single pdf document must be uploaded to the system and should contain the following: 

  • A downloaded & complete the cover sheet.
  • A narrative of no more than 1250 words that includes:
    • A detailed statement of purpose explaining importance of the project to their current research or degree work.
    • The role of the proposed project plays in the applicant's degree program;
    • The current status and expected outcomes;
    • Specific anticipated impacts on one's intellectual development.    
  • A transcript, vita or other records summarizing the applicant's graduate career.
  • Students must state whether they are eligible for funding from other sources including but not limited to GSGA, and UC International Programs.

Once the application has been submitted, the graduate program director (GPD) for the selected department will be notified. All support letters should be sent to the GPD, to be uploaded prior to approving the application for committee review.

A support letter from the student's adviser, project director, or the graduate program director, should be uploaded to the electronic gateway by the graduate program director at the time of review (which only the GPD can provide). This letter should comment on the role of the project in the student's degree program, as well as the significance of the project and the student's ability to complete it.


For detailed instructions on submitting your application, please click Application Instructions.

For instructions on how to create a PDF, please click: How to Create a PDF. Note: the system only allows you to upload a single PDF document.

*NOTE: Award announcements are sent by email, from a central source, listed as


Applications for Taft Graduate Summer Fellowships are accepted during the second semester. Please consult the application deadline page for this year's deadlines. Eligibility is limited to the award cycle prior to the proposed research.


Once the applicant has submitted their application, an email notifying the graduate program director is automatically generated by the electronic submissions system. The graduate program director should then provide intradepartmental review and upload any supporting documents at that time. If a thesis committee has been constituted, the graduate student should notify his/her committee chair regarding the travel application, and the committee chair should then be in contact with the graduate program director regarding departmental authorization for travel.

You are required to obtain travel authorization prior to any research travel. The Student Travel Authorization Form (STAF) can be found by following the "Forms" link under "Applying to Taft" or simply by clicking STAF here, above, or below. The Taft Faculty Chair or your departmental advisor may provide the signature of authorizing travel.

grant distribution

If awarded a Graduate Summer Fellowship, you must contact your department's business administrator, providing the award letter and request for monies. Your notice should include the relevant information, e.g. when the project will begin and end and project title. The monies will be distributed to your student account and, provided there is no outstanding balance, you will receive a refund check from the University of Cincinnati.